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Sisal Dry Body Brush Sisal Dry Body Brush

The Sisal Dry Brush is a great relaxation, bath and beauty product.

Price: $8.99
: $5.99
Massaging Dry Body Brush Massaging Dry Body Brush

Natural boar bristled brush with massaging head. (12in. long)

Price: $9.99
: $6.99
Massaging Dry Body Brush - Contour Massaging Dry Body Brush - Contour

Natural contour bristled brush.

Price: $9.99
: $6.99
Ojibwa Native Healing Balm Ojibwa Native Healing Balm

Original four herb Rene Caisse's Essiac formula for the skin

Price: $10.95
Transfer Point Beta Silk Transfer Point Beta Silk

Restores and Rejuvenates the Skin

Price: $24.95
: $21.95
Silver First Aid Gel (2oz) Silver First Aid Gel (2oz)

Fights minor skin, infection calms skin inflammation, promotes healing of the skin.

Price: $22.99