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Natural Astaxanthin: King of the Carotenoids The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C.
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Scientific Research as well as testimonial evidence indicate that Natural Astaxanthin may be the most promising nutritional supplement ever.

"We are committed to providing you the tools you need to rid your body of unhealthy emotions and achieve the life you have been dreaming of."

In this easy to read book, learn the simplest, fastest way to heal emotional baggage caused by trapped emotions with Bill Henderson recommended The Emotion Code! It's changing the world!
Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret by V.Vetvicka, Ph.D. [3rd Ed] "Cancer Free" - Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson
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"Cancer Free" - Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson

This Third Edition expands and amplifies the research and new information on Beta Glucan and how it can assist the body's immune system.

This 4th Edition contains the tools and means to combat the origins of the disease and not just the symptoms, thus making a complete healing.

Tu Puedes Vencer El Cancer by Bill Henderson
List Price Retail: $37.00
Price: $32.00

"EL PROTOCOLO BILL HENDERSON" es el resumen hecho por los autores y contiene las herramientas y los medios para combatir los orígenes de la enfermedad y no solo los síntomas, logrando con ello una curación total. Éste Protocolo contempla todas las posibles causas del cáncer y que hacer para eliminarlas.


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