The Vision

To provide people with the understanding that THEY have the RIGHT to choose their own health options. Ancients Elements, Inc. believes that healing must be obtained on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And just as every person's body is unique, their healing journey is also unique and we are here to walk beside them every step of the way.

The Mission

To provide people with the resources to regain their health through nutrition and education. To make available the best products in the world that will nutritionally engage in the healing journey for people, equipment and appliances for producing healthy food and nutrients along with educational information so that each person can empower themselves.

~ Helping to educate and empower the World...One Person at a Time. ~

The Ancient Elements Team

Phyllis Pipkin, CMT, CPT, CLT, CECP

Head Journey & Lifestyle Coach

Ancient Elements, Inc. is the long time dream of owner, Phyllis Pipkin. Always wanting to educate people on the benefits of holistic health, Phyllis began her journey over 20 years ago starting as a chiropractic assistant where she introduced new patients to the world of chiropractic and encourage existing patients on the importance of continue care.

She next entered the field of sales where she educated chiropractors on how to advance their practices with computer software, EMG and other equipment. She also set up educational and training seminars around the country for doctors and staff.

Phyllis's thirst for knowledge next had her training with a Naturopath learning bio-stress meridian testing and nutrition (vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathics.) This valuable education gave her the background and vision for opening her own Holistic Health Care business. Opened in 1999, Vital Life, Inc’s mission was to educate and empower people on the benefits of helping themselves heal through nutrition.

Feeling the need to increase her knowledge, she closed her business and began working for a nutritional company where she traveled extensively with several doctors who taught nutrition to practitioners.

Her continued education has led her to receive certifications in Japanese massage, phlebotomy doing Live Blood Analysis using Dark Field Microscopy and Lymphatic Massage with a lymph drainage machine. Recently understanding the need to support the emotional process of healing, Phyllis became certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner. She works via phone, distance and Skype to guide clients to heal their emotions as they progress in their healing journey.

Today, Phyllis's knowledge and expertise in the healing field finds her managing a successful healthcare website selling products that help the people she coaches in finding alternative methods of healing for health issues.

Kim Pullon, CNS

Nutrition Specialist and Creative Support

After years in the retail and marketing arena, Kim stumbled into the holistic healthcare in 1997 when she began working for a Naturopath/Homeopath doctor as a wellness assistant. Though still a skeptic, it wasn't until she was healed of chronic bronchitis, that she became a believer in holistic medicine. Learning all aspects of the practice plus a fundamental education of vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathics, gave her a thirst for more knowledge.

When the doctor moved her practice to the Midwest, Kim chose to stay behind where she embarked on a new career as a graphic designer. Her previous knowledge in marketing helped her consult with many companies in launching new businesses or helping existing businesses grow.

During this time, Kim became passionate about nutrition. A life-long dieter, she realized that the so-call “Diet Industry” was doing more harm that good. She threw away the “diets” and changed her eating patterns and lifestyle. By doing so, she was able to lose weight and reverse her diabetes. Because of her success, Kim decided to pursue her passion of helping others through nutrition by returning to school and in 2009, she graduated with honors from Ashworth University with a diploma in Nutrition, Diet and Health.

Lianne Hutcheson

Customer Service and Fulfillment

Lianne came into holistic healthcare as a child. A long a believer of Chiropractic care, Lianne followed in the footsteps of her mother Phyllis, when she joined the practice of Dr. David Lee, D.C., Cad, Ph.D. as a Chiropractic Assistant. Studying extensively under Dr. Lee, Lianne was trained in the aspects of Western Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, nutritional supplementation and detoxification. She was also trained in Cold Laser Therapy.

In order to further her education, Lianne became Brimhall Certified in 2004. The Brimhall Technique incorporates the Six Steps to Wellness™:

  • Re-establish Structural Integrity: The Foundation of Health.
  • Rebalance Electromagnetics
  • Rebalance, Reset, Restore through Nutrition
  • Reprogram the body for any Allergy or Sensitivity
  • Re-evaluate Emotional Patterns and Remove Limiting Belief Systems
  • Remove Heavy Metals and Other Toxins from the Body

Lianne's expertise and knowledge in the holistic healing field enabled her to provide customer support along with coaching people around the world through a successful healthcare website.

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