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Beta Glucan JANA Study
Last Updated: 02/11/2012


JANA Volume 10, Number 2, 2007

Columbia, SC – For more than forty years, well documented research has shown that Beta 1, 3-D glucan is a safe and beneficial immune modulator. Used in many commercial dietary supplement products, Beta Glucan is a key ingredient that manufacturers and formulators rely upon. But as it is known, not all products are the same or deliver on their promises.

Just published research from the JOURNAL OF the AMERICAN NUTRACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION shows a side-by-side comparison of commercially available glucans.

Research conducted at the University of Louisville by Drs. Vaclav Vetvicka and Jana Vetvickova provided significant insights on Beta Glucan quality that should clear up much of the confusion about glucans and immune supplements in general.

Bottom line - Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan product came out among the best. The findings were published in JANA Volume 10, Number 2, 2007.

The study looked at numerous concentrations and routes of administration – including oral, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous and intravenous applications. With more than one hundred samples from the United States alone, products tested also came from Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan. Soluble, insoluble, grain, mushroom, seaweed and yeast were among the groups compared.

The final analysis revealed that Glucan #300 (this was the batch # they assigned to Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan sample for the study), purchased from Transfer Point, Inc. of Columbia, SC showed not only a broad range of action, but in all areas tested (except antibody formation, where it was #2) was the biologically most relevant immunomodulator.

Mrs. Marilyn Becker, President of Transfer Point, Inc, states that after 10 years of distributing AJ Lanigan’s products, it comes as no surprise that it came out as #1 in the university testing. Becker added, "I receive many phone calls in praise of our product from retailers, wholesalers, exporters, etc. worldwide. The most touching are those I have received from retail customers whose lives and health have been made all the better with our products. Now we know that our quality is backed up by independent scientific review. "

AJ Lanigan, the innovator of Transfer Point’s product agrees. "We have confirmation from esteemed academic and scientific institutions like the University of Louisville and top Beta Glucan researchers like Drs. Vaclav Vetvicka and Jana Vetvickova that our products meet the highest quality standards and provide the benefits they promise. The consumer can know with confidence we offer one of the most biologically active ingredients for the immune system in a dietary supplement product."

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