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Candida Freedom® 2-part Kit
Candida Freedom® 2-part Kit

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This 2-part candida program contains the Candida Freedom® formula along with Candida Digest™, a blend of digestive enzymes and Betaine HCI, formulated to assist the body in the yeast cleaning process.


Natural balance & restore solutions for daily living. Beneficial for all stages of life.

Men and women alike are enjoying the many benefits of Candida Freedom. Today’s fast paced lifestyle along with high stress levels, fast foods, environmental pollution, prescription drugs and over-indulgence can contribute to the many signs and symptoms of imbalance. All of these factors have one thing in common, they do not contribute to the health and balance of your “inner garden” or good bacteria in the digestive tract. Candida is a yeast that can take advantage of imbalances and reduce our quality of life.

Candida Freedom is a professional strength probiotic that is a “balance and restore formula”. This powerful “Freedom Formula” creates a synergy, offering the type of results that have been strived for by the probiotic industry for over 20 years.

A probiotic for the modern times

In generations past, fermenting foods prior to eating them was common place to increase the nutritional benefits. This process produced large quantities of lactic acid. This substance feeds the digestive tract and aides in the balance of pH and the successful growth of friendly bacteria. In the modern times with high populations and the mass production of foods, pasteurization (exposure of foods to high heat) has become a necessary evil. While protecting society from harmful bacteria, this process also reduces the nutritional value and benefit of foods for the body.

The Candida Freedom formula rapidly produces L+ lactic acid while passing through the small intestines. This offers the pH balancing benefits of fermented foods. And with this balanced pH comes the desired environment (real estate) for all other beneficial strains of friendly bacteria - such as the lactobacillus family to colonize, grow and remain in control. This balancing act may aide in better digestion, absorption of nutrients, energy production and elimination of waste.

Are you suffering from a Candida overgrowth?

Candida albicans is a naturally occurring yeast in the digestive tract and does have beneficial properties. The imbalance occurs when the yeast population grows out of control and becomes a dominating force in the body.

Signs and symptoms of Candidiasis or Candida overgrowth:

Candida Freedom Formula

Bacillus coagulans - A transient bacteria which is resistant to extreme heat, light, oxygen and stomach acid. Provides an optimal environment for growth and colonization of a wide variety of friendly bacteria necessary for better digestion and stronger immunity.

Aloe vera - Assists in the repair of tissue damage done by bacterial and fungal pathogens.

Alpha lipoic acid - Helps in areas of aging, inflammation and oxidation. Boosts cellular energy production. Assists in blood flow to the skin when applied topically.

What sets Candida Freedom apart?

Candida Freedom is a transient probiotic formula with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties targeting the balance of intestinal flora and the health of internal and external skin.

  • Topical uses aide in the relief of a wide range of skin conditions.
  • Spray. Mix powder of one capsule in 6 oz. of water. Using a trigger spray bottle, spray any affected skin area (scalp, face, mouth, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, feet). Massage until dry. Repeat throughout the day. Prepare fresh solution daily.
  • Oral. Brush teeth, gums and tongue with wet tooth brush and powder from 1 capsule.
  • Vaginal use. Douche with 8 oz. of warm water and powder of 1 capsule.
  • Bath. Add 4 to 6 capsules to a shallow bath. Wash all skin areas with a face cloth.
  • Poultice. Make a thick moist paste using one or more capsules and apply to affected skin area. Safe for dogs as well.
  • Food. Add a daily dose to protein shakes, yogurt, soup, cereal, desserts, beverages.

Safe for all stages of life for men, women and children.

Free of: Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Rice, Magnesium Stearate and Maltodextrin.

CANDIDA FREEDOM is the natural probiotic solution offering balance in a world of synthetic chemicals, pollution, over processed foods, stress and poor immunity. Consider this formula for your everyday needs for a lifetime.


An enzyme based yeast cleanse formula designed to support the actions and benefits of the Candida Freedom formula.

Candida Digest is an enzyme formula designed for individuals seeking balance in the digestive tract. Yeast overgrowth can often contribute to feelings of gastrointestinal discomfort, poor digestion and assimilation of foods and poor elimination of waste*. If left unchecked, Candida can absorb into the bloodstream causing stress to the immune system and a wide variety of internal and external symptoms*.

By aiding in the digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fats Candida Digest can help the body absorb nutrients, eliminate waste products and discourage the environment needed for yeast overgrowth*.

Candida Digest is designed to help the body deal with excess “die-off” or symptoms of cleansing. To maximize results take on an empty stomach along with the Candida Freedom™ formula.

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